Worshipful Company of Carmen

St Dunstan's Heritage Trust

What We Inherited

Carmen stands for history, education, fellowship, London and Transport. This project embraces it all.

In our 500th year we obtained the keys to our new home; the only problem was that it was uninhabitable. The poor old building was a bit more than just a “do’er upper”.

The roof leaked, the floors needed replacing, the windows needed repairing, all the services, water, power, gas and telephone needed replacing and what comes in must go out so we needed to connect the drains as well.

Being a 200 year old building we did not know what we would uncover once the work started. Being Grade 1 Listed and part of the Church of St Dunstan-in-the-West every hidden bone or vault needed an army of experts to investigate them

We are privileged that we have a number of Carmen who have the skills to assist with this adventurous project and we will be forever indebted to them. If you think you have something to offer please let us know. Secretary@carmenheritagetrust.org

This project needs cash and a lot of it, £1.7 million to complete. We are doing well but still have a fair way to go to date we have raised £539,779

We need a further £250,000 before we can move our Administration into the building and £639,000 before we can open the doors to the public.

Our vision is only possible with your help.

We have a long road ahead of us. The windows need repairing, we need power, lighting, heating, the walls need plastering and we need flooring. This will cost us an estimated £300,000.00 then all we need is the fixtures fittings and furniture.

Please help us make our vision a reality by making a donation